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An experienced Night Nurse at your door within 2 hours


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Leave your baby in experienced hands for a few hours whilst you take time for yourself


Last-minute, temporary covering to look after your toddler


A professional by your side for the long run


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Our Team, experienced and certified English/French speaking Maternity Nurses

The baby advice and expertise you need, when you need it

Your baby has arrived and your life has completely changed. It’s an incredible time for you, but it can also be daunting. With the help of a Maternity Nurse, you can make this transition into parenthood an empowering, smooth and enjoyable experience.

All babies are different, so are parents. Our team of professional and experienced English/French speaking Maternity Nurses will listen to your needs and set up a routine that works for you and your little one. With your wellbeing in mind, they will share the professional knowledge and little tips that will help you and your baby settle in as a new family.

There are no wrong questions,
it would only be wrong not to ask them!

All new parents have (lots of) questions, and it’s perfectly normal.

  • Is my baby eating enough?
  • How do I change a nappy?
  • How do I bathe my baby safely?
  • How do I swaddle my baby?
  • What should my baby wear at night-time?
  • Why is my baby crying?
  • I’m so tired, what can I do?


Our team will help you answer any concerns you have and share the knowledge and little tips you need to care for your baby with confidence.

Frequently asked questions about Maternity Nursing

Maternity Nurses are qualified specialists who provide baby-related support and help parents answer any concerns they have about their newborn. They can visit you at home after your baby arrives, but also can provide help for one afternoon, throughout the day or overnight depending on the family’s requirements. They can also arrange phone/video consultations and follow-up visits. By employing a Maternity Nurse, new parents feel more confident and better equipped to install and sustain a daily routine that works for them, and have the opportunity to enjoy more fully their experience with their new baby.

A Maternity Nurse is a professional who has expertise in caring for babies, including baby sleep, breastfeeding and early childhood development. All our Maternity Nurses are trained by founder Mathilde, qualified Paediatric Nurse and Maternity Nurse Instructor with A&E experience. We usually recommend Maternity Nurses for babies from their first days of life to about 6 months.

Nannies bring a wealth of experience in looking after children, focusing on areas like learning activities, food preparation and diet planning, entertainment and outings, napping and general child minding. We usually recommend nannies from 6 months, when generally less health-related support is required.

Any time that feels right for you! You can get in touch at any point throughout your pregnancy or after the birth of your baby. We usually recommend an informal chat before your little one arrives to start the conversation and discuss expectations.

We offer pre-birth visits and antenatal sessions to help prepare expectant parents for the baby’s arrival. This would typically include checking the environment (baby items, health and safety), conducting in-depth assessments to identify potential gaps, and discussing any pending concerns.

Families get in touch with us at very different times – some in the early hours of the pregnancy and some weeks after their baby is born. Both are perfectly fine – we just advise you to contact us and secure your booking soon enough to avoid disappointment.

A Night-time Maternity Nurse will:

  • Arrange a phone/video call with you to plan for the visit
  • Arrive, change their clothes, wash their hands and tie their hair up
  • Organise their working station
  • Agree on arrangements for the night, including planning the feeds
  • Prepare the baby bottle(s)
  • Feed your baby
  • Wash and sterilise the bottle(s)
  • Clear their working station
  • In the morning, share feedback on the night and answer pending questions

Need Day-time Nursing? The Maternity Nurse will look after your baby and focus on helping with the daily routine, napping and activities depending on the baby’s age, development stage and needs.

Why choose Mathilde Maternity

We have been looking after babies and parents for over a decade. We understand welcoming a new addition to the family comes with tremendous joy as well as many questions, and we are here to advise and guide you through those precious early days and months.

At Mathilde Maternity London, we pride ourselves on enabling mums and dads to become more confident and support them in their journey as new parents. Whether you just need reassurance or longer-term assistance, breastfeeding advice or support with sleeping routines, our team of professional Maternity Nurses is available to help as and when you need it the most.

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