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10+ Years of Experience


Breastfeeding support, Sleep issue, Reflux and Colic issues. How to set up a routine. Additional travel expenses of £20 zone 3 and 4 .
Home visit 2h
2 hr

My name is Mathilde, I am a French 35-year-old woman. I am a fully qualified paediatric nurse back in France. I have been looking after mums, babies and families for over nine years. My work in intensive care, pediatric emergency and home care have given me the experience, knowledge and empathy to follow a path into maternity consultancy. The time from pregnancy into the weeks of a newborn baby’s life are incredibly special and not ones that can be relieved.
In 2018, I have successfully completed a Maternity nurse Level 4 and a sleeping consultant course to further develop my skills.

Therefore, having the right professional, dedicated and compassionate support from an experienced Pediatric Nurse and Early Childhood Specialist can make all the difference to getting off on the right footing. 


2019        Maternity Nurse Instructor         
2018        Sleeping consultant OCN Accredited 
2018        Maternity Nurse Consultant  Level 4 OCN Accredited 
2017        English Certificate Level C1
2014        First Aid ( Updated in 2019)
2009       Advanced Health Emergency Training
2009       Paediatric Nurse Diploma - IFSI Kleber, Nîmes (1 year program)
2008       Nurse Diploma - IFSI state Kleber, Nîmes (3 years program)



I am a sporty and sociable person. I like ready, cooking and eating. I also like ravelling, in 2017 I travelled all around the world for 3 months by my own, it was an amazing experience. 

Happy Families! 

I could not recommend more Mathilde! She replied so quickly to my message and came the next day at my home. She was so helpful and understanding, I felt really supported and this helped me a lot at the beginner of the new journey to be a Mum. Thank you again Mathilde for all your help!

Marie and baby Louis December 2019 


I contacted Mathilde a few weeks after our daughter was born as I was struggling with feeding. As a new parent I wanted to make sure I was starting my journey on the right foot. Mathilde was able to answer my endless questions and reassure me in my choices and decisions. I then had another consultation when our baby was 8 weeks old as I wanted to start implementing a daily routine. Mathilde not only is very knowledgeable, she is also patient, calm and after each session I felt very positive.

Marie and baby Seraphina, Clapham May 2019


Highly recommended! Mathilde helped us recently with our 3 months old daughter, I was breast-feeding exclusively and I was trying to introduce the bottle without any success for a month. She was literally screaming no matter how hungry she was or how long i was trying (i must say i couldn't take it very long!) and no matter how many different bottles i tried. That alone was challenging as i was going back to work at some point but the most the worrying part for me was that our little girl was barely gaining any weight. I must say her help was invaluable and after seeing her she started to accept the bottle without any issues! Mathilde is an excellent listener and starts by truly understand the situation, any concerns/questions you have as a parent, taking onboard both parents and baby's feelings and wellbeing. She will re-assure you in a very genuine manner but also support all advices and comments by facts and research. She keeps herself up to date regarding the latest medical research and trends and has very frequent discussions with paediatrician / midwife and nurses to add to the discussion. She has a very refreshing approach: her positive attitude, truly supportive and non judgmental but yet professional and factual. No matter what choice you make for you and your baby she will bring her knowledge and kindness in to help you overcome some difficult situations or simply help you when you doubt and need that extra reassurance. Being a mum of two that outside professional help is very valuable when you are sleep deprived and need a fresh and kind look at a situation that seems impossible to overcome at the time! She loves her job and helping people, she is full of ideas and tips and will make sure you are ok before she leaves! I will recommend her to anyone who needs a little or big help, before or after baby arrives!

Nathalie and baby Scarlette, Fulham  September 2019 


Mathilde is very knowledgeable. I contacted her with a lot of questions for my 7-weeks old which she answered with precision. We communicated over Facetime which was convenient for both of us and worked well. I would not hesitate to contact her again for guidance. Highly recommended!

Chloé and Baby Atticus, London, June 2019


“Mathilde has been an amazing support for me, physically as she can help you sleep through the night and recover some strength but she also listens and advises about any concerns or questions you may have. I highly recommend Mathilde and her passion to provide you with the best care for you and your child at times where it can be challenging or extremely tiring to be a new mum. Mathilde is truly making a difference “

Clémence and Baby Charlotte, Battersea April 2019 


Mathilde has helped us set up a routine for our baby and transition him to drink from a bottle (we had been trying for weeks without success!). Mathilde is a great listener, she is very calm and kind, she made sure we felt comfortable with a routine that was very gentle to our son. She knows a great deal about babies and provided many helpful tips. Thank you Mathilde!


Soline and baby Alexandre, Bays water, March 2019


Available, listing and following my case with care and attention. I can recommend 100% this Maternity nurse to everyone. All her advices were useful for me, because I was lost with everything you can find on internet. Stop to google it and just ask to Mathilde! Thank you again, I am feeling good and baby also now.

Adélie, Canada Water, March 2019 

Mathilde was recommended to us by our French pedriatician here in London. We were extremely happy to have her coming to our place one morning to bring her precious advises for our newborn baby. As it is our first child, we had plently of questions to ask her and she answered all of them, and even raised some important points we didn't think of. To sum up, should you need any help with your baby, you can definitely contact Mathilde, you will enjoy her professionalism, expertise and great kindness!


Benoit, Laurene and Baby Louis, Ladbroke Grove, Mars 2019 


Wonderful, professional support for new parents

Mathilde arrived on our doorstep when we couldn’t have needed her more. We had a newborn baby (5 days old) and we were having difficulty with feeding, weight loss and were generally very worried, stressed and exhausted. Mathilde has a calm and highly professional manner, and has experience in the French emergency services. Her technical expertise and caring way seemed to alleviate our worries immediately and she helped to put us on the right path to ensure our baby was healthy and growing well straight away. Mathilde helped us organise a feeding plan for our little one, explained to us in what equipment we needed for the house, how to record the baby’s progress and guided us through those early days - even taking my husband out to the shops to buy what we needed, including vitamins for our own health! On top of this, Mathilde was very gentle and kind to us as new parents and we invested our trust in her happily. 

I can’t recommend Mathilde highly enough. I’m sure that she would bring valuable help and warmth to any family that needs it.


Anna and Chris and baby Zara, Greenwich, February 2019


"Mathilde transformed our lives! At five months old our daughter was waking almost every 30 minutes throughout the night. We tried to implement a good routine but were not sure about where we were going wrong. We ended up being very confused and exhausted. Mathilde came to support us and gave us both confidence and strong advice to set up a healthy routine. We were able to wean her off the night and finally started to get regular good night sleeps! I highly recommend her….I cannot thank her enough for her great help."

Sonia and Antoine, Vauxhall, February 2019  


Merci pour toutes les réponses apportées à mes questions, elles m'ont permis d'y voir plus clair, il y a tellement de choses à penser en même temps, cet éclairage m'a bien guidé!

Mathilde and baby Isaac, January 2019


I contacted Mathilde to look after my baby as I needed to return to work a month after he was born. Leaving My newborn baby with someone else was extremely hard but I immediately felt I could entirely trust Mathilde. Her experience as a pediatric nurse was definitely a plus and from day one it was clear that she was very skilled and experienced with small babies. Mathilde is very serious and dynamic as a person and always came up with relevant initiatives. She is also a good listener and always adapted to our needs and to our way of doing things. She is also generous, reactive and always happy to help. We were sad to see her live our family and couldn’t recommend her more!


Sophie and baby Bruno, Hackney, January 2019


I called Mathilde because my newborn boy was crying a lot and as new mom I didn't know what to do. Mathilde responded to my call quickly and in a very professional way.

She reassured me and give some tools to improve the things with the baby.

Thanks to her we are going much better.

Julieta and Emilio, Abbeywood, December 2018


"Fantastic and Professional Maternity Nurse! 

Mathilde is a fantastic and professional maternity nurse!


I'd just had a baby who had terrible reflux and also a toddler waking up in the nights, so managing the two on my own was quite a challenge. Mathilde came to the rescue and not only did she stay with us (as a maternity nurse for 5 nights a week), but also provided advice on potty and sleep training for my daughter. She even provided a notebook of every little event of the night so that I was prepared for the day ahead. 


Mathilde has a warm, emphatic, professional manner and is not judgmental at all. I've really appreciated her support and encouragement and my children love her! 

I would 100% recommend her! "

Louis, Baby GianLuca and little Sofia, Canary Wharf, Novembre 2018

"Mathilde was instrumental in the weeks following the birth of our premature baby. Extremely competent and caring, she advised and supported me on various topics (from support with breastfeeding techniques to giving my little one his gifts bath). Mathilde was amazing in boosting my confidence as a new mum. I would definitely recommend her services!"

Martina and Baby Gregorio, Gloucester road,  Septembre 2018 

Caring, Understanding and very professional, that’s how I would define Mathilde! She goes above and beyond to help you with your little ones.


Malika, July 2018

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