About me:

Since moving to London from France 7 years ago (in 2013),
I’ve been honoured to
work with families in London while they embark on the incredible journey into parenthood
First time parents

Becoming a parent for the first time can be an overwhelming and daunting experience; I can
make that transition easier and more manageable for the whole family.
My beliefs
I believe in empowering mum and dad by providing the knowledge and skills to build confidence in
taking care of their precious newborn baby. From bathing to breastfeeding, bottle feeding
to potty training, my consultancy services cover a wide range of topics and can be tailored
to each individual family’s needs.


Every home visit lasts 2 hours and includes baby weighin​g


'Welcome Home' Baby Package

  • How to cope with the needs a newborn
  • Bathing and changing the baby
My Baby Becomes A Toddler
  • Weaning advice
  • Potty Training  
  • Teething 

Home Visit Consultation Topics​

  • Weight development

  • Bottle feeding techniques

  • Breastfeeding

  • Winding

Sleep training Topics

  • Bed time routine observation

  • Sleep Plan 

  • Advice  

We trust each other 

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