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Every home visit lasts 2 hours and includes baby weighin​g and measurements.

Our consultants can also provide you support and guidance via Video-call.

Welcome Home my newborn!

  • Finding and caring for your newborn
  • Newborn sleep pattern
  • Understand your baby's crying
  • The first bath
My Baby Becomes a Toddler!
  • How to start solid food?
  • Potty Training  

Are you experimenting sore nipples? Your baby cries a lot during feeding time?

  • How to start breastfeeding?

  • Milk supply and Relactation 

  • Latching issue

  • Breastfeeding positions and winding my baby

Do you experiment bedtime resistance and sleep anxiety? Your baby wakes up several times at night? 

  • Bed time routine observation

  • Bespoke sleeping plan  

  • Advice and action plan

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