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Baby Swimming

For what purpose?

Even before knowing how to walk or stand up, baby swimming is a practice that engage your baby in a unique way, stimulating his brain and body. This activity does not teach your baby how to swim. It will instead aim to help your toddler control his motricity capacities and his self-confidence. A baby that is at ease in the water will discover new sensations such as temperature, gravity, noise, water. It will truly help in his growth to learn all this new feeling.

Here are some few major physical benefits:

- Building muscles: Swim time allows your baby to work out important muscles needed to hold his head, move his arms and legs, strengthens his heart, lungs and more importantly, his overall coordination.

-Improve Balance and Coordination: Along with stimulating muscles, your baby can improve his balance and coordination. It might be easier to learn how to move legs and arms together, and to have a more solid sensation of coordination in a pool.

- Improves sleeping patterns: Your baby will spend a lot of energy in the pool, using his body in new different ways. All that extra activity will get your baby sleepy and ready to sleep.

Here a few intellectual benefits:

- Baby Swimming improve cognitive functioning: Using bilateral cross-patterning movement (both side of the body) to move, help develop your baby’s brain. While moving his legs and arms in the water, your baby will discover notions like resistance and temperature. All these practices stimulates neurons, which will may improve special awareness, language development and academics skills.

- Swimming improve confidence: Research suggest that baby swimming results in an increase of social skills, academics, and personality development.

A study suggested that babies who swims during their early years, have more advances physical and mental development that the babies who were never solicited to do Baby Swimming.


If you to do baby swimming in London, check out the following addresses:

- Herne Hill: The Michael Tippett School, Heron Road, Herne Hill, London, SE24 0HZ.

- London Baby Swim - Baby Swimming Lessons: 18 Hardwicks Square, Wandsworth, London SW18 4JS

- Angel Swim Chelsea: Angel Swim London - Park Walk Primary, London SW10 0AY

- Baby Swimming: North Kensington Grand Union Studios, 332 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5AD

Written by Mathilde Allemand

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