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The different stages of your Baby’s Weight

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Every baby is different when they come into life. Whether it is a boy or a girl, there is no normal birth weight. Steady weight gain is one of the signs that your baby is healthy and feeding well.

A healthy newborn is expected to lose 7% to 10% of the birth weight, but should regain that weight within the first 2 weeks or so after birth. The first 10 days it is recommended to weight newborns every two days to monitor looses.

  • 1 Month

Boys: Between 3 kg and 5 kg Girls: Between 2,8 kg and 4,6 kg

At this stage the baby should gain around 140grams to 200 grams a week ( 20 to 30 grams per day).

  • 2 Month

Boys: Between 3,7 kg and 5,9 kg Girls: Between 3,7 kg and 5,5 kg

The baby should be steadily gaining weight each week.

  • 3 Month

Boys: Between 4,5 kg and 6,9 kg Girls: Between 4,3 kg and 6,3 kg

In one month the baby should be gaining 800 grams to one kilogramme.

  • 4 Month

Boys: Between 5,1 kg and 7,7 kg Girls: Between 4,7 kg and 7,,3 kg

Between the 4th and 6th month, the baby should gain around 25 grammes per day.

  • 5 Month

Boys: Between 5,5 kg and 8,5 kg Girls: Between 5 kg and 8 kg

The baby should have twice the weight when he was born. If he used to the baby bottle, he can switch to second age milk

  • 6 Month

Boys: Between 6 kg and 9,1 kg Girls: Between 5,5 kg and 8,3 kg

  • 7 Month

Boys: Between 6,8 kg and 9,8 kg Girls: Between 6 kg and 9 kg

  • 8 Month

Boys: Between 7 kg and 10,5 kg Girls: Between 6,5, kg and 10,5 kg

During this month, the baby should also gain around 500 gr ames. If he doesn’t, he might have a lack of appetite due to some virus: flu, measles, chickenpox or intolerance and allergy to food.

  • 9 Month

Boys: Between 7,5 kg and 11,5 kg Girls: Between 7 kg and 11 kg

Again, the baby should gain at least 500 grams during this month.

  • 10 Month

Boys: Between 8 kg and 11.5 kg Girls: Between 7 kg and 11,5 kg

Starting 10 Month, the weight gain should be less important. Around 10 grams per day and 300 grams in total this month.

  • 11 Month

Boys: Between 8,5 kg and 12 kg Girls: Between 7,5 kg and 12 kg

  • 12 Month

Your baby is now 1 year old and should triple his birth weight. Compared to his 10th and 12th month where he gain approximately 10 grams per day, from 1 year old to 2 year old he should gain around 8 grams per day. This will only diminish until his 5 years old where he would gain 5 grams per day.

How often should you weigh your baby?

After the first 2 weeks of birth, you really do not have to weigh your baby that often. As a general guide, you should weigh your baby twice a month the first 3 months and once a month up to 12 months of age.

Where to weight your Baby?

In London, you can weigh your baby for free at your local Children's center or Medical Center.

A Children's Centre regroups a range of services for children under five and their families such as family support, health and education. You can be given advice and support, there are lots of fun activities as Rhyme time, Story time, Stay and play. It is also the chance to talk to other parents and make new friends.

You may also found Medical Center, which regroups a larger range of services and can also provide measurement for your baby's weight.

Every consultation with Mathilde Maternity London includes baby weighing. If you need any further information feel free to contact us.

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