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Tummy Time

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

What is Tummy Time and why should I do it to my baby?

Tummy time is when your baby is on his stomach spending time playing and looking around him!

If your baby is constantly lying on his back at night and day, there are risks of motor development problems, since the baby would be working less its upper body. The lack of this practice could lead to problems controlling basic life skills such as lifting the head, turning over, sitting, crawling or walking. This is why, for the sake of your child growth, you should encourage him to lay on his tummy a few minutes each day.

When should I start Tummy Time with my baby?

If your baby is in good health, this practice should start from his first month. Start placing his belly down on your chest or lap for a little while, the time the baby gets accustomed to this position. Don’t forget to do it when the baby is awake and alert.

How much Tummy Time for my baby to do?

At the beginning, try to aim for two or three sessions a day for one to five minutes, after a nap for example. As the baby gets older and stronger, you may increase the length of time. By the age of 3 months, try do 20 to 30 minutes of tummy time per day. At 4-months old, your baby should be able to lift his chest and arms off the floor. Keep practicing, you should start to see around 5-month old your baby pivot on his belly, roll over on his own and start using his arms more efficiently.

How to do Tummy Time?

Playmats (baby gyms) are perfect for tummy time. These fun tools will stimulate your baby’s senses, entertain him and develop essential cognitive basics, such as logic, coordination, and awareness.

Those Playmats will allow your baby to learn the concept of cause and effect, for example, pushing a toy and see it move. Stimulated by toys, colors and senses, it will also help develop your baby’s vision (the coordination of his movements), the grasping skills (reaching for the toys hanging around), the self-awareness and more importantly the motor skills.


  • Don’t be surprised if baby hates tummy time and those initial attempts are met with some resistance

  • Make tummy time a bonding time. Talk to your baby, sing or make eye contact. Everything to make your baby confortable and happy.

  • It’s for the whole family. Dad, sibling or grandparents can participe in the bonding.

  • Never after feeding

  • If your baby hates it, don’t push it. Take a couple day-break and restart.

  • Get on your baby's level. Play with him , your baby will more interested if you are near them. Your voice will guide them.

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