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Sleep Training: Home Visit

Personalised sleep training experience and guidance with a qualified professional


duration: 30min
Each following visits will be booked with your sleep expert during your training.


⁃ Assessment Phone Call (30min)
⁃ Questionnaire
⁃ Situation Assessment – Home visit (2h)
⁃ Follow-up call (30min to 1h)
⁃ Sleep plan introduction – Home visit (2h)
⁃ Follow-up call – progress and guidance (30min to 1h)
⁃ Adjustment / Follow up – Home Visit (2h)
⁃ Follow-up call – support and guidance (30min to 1h)
⁃ Ongoing support – 3 weeks

Sleep Training Consultant



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Sleep Training Home Visit

Home visit in London zones 1 to 4, travel cost not included. Consultations on Sundays +£20. Total calculated at checkout.

Can’t wait for your baby to sleep through the night?
Need support to install a sustainable sleeping routine for your little one?

Our experienced Sleep training consultant will be here to guide you through the sleep training strategy that will work for you and your baby.
They will assess your needs, develop a tailored approach for your family, and share the tools you require to confidently sleep train your little one.

The Sleep Training: Home Visit package includes:

  1. Initial assessment phone call30min – discussing your needs and sleep training strategies
  2. Questionnaire completing a form, sent by your consultant ahead of the visit
  3. Phase 1: Situation Assessment – Home visit 2h – observing your habits, bed time and discussing the questionnaire (arrival 2 hours before bed time)
  4. Follow-up call30min to 1h – 3 days after the observation visit
  5. Phase 2: Sleep plan introduction – Home visit 2h – situation analysis and proposed sleep plan
  6. Follow-up call30min to 1h – progress and guidance
  7. Phase 3: Adjustment / Follow up – Home Visit 2h – optional visit that can be booked during day-time, within 15 days after observation visit. This 2-hour follow up visit can be delivered via video call.
  8. Phase 4: Support and guidance Follow-up call – 30min to 1h
  9. Ongoing support via email – for the duration of the training: 3 weeks.
Each home visit is followed with a follow-up call (2 to 3 days after the visit) to discuss pending concerns and make adjustments if required.

Sleep training can be a daunting journey for new parents – don’t worry, we will be with you every step of the way

Our advice

Book a Follow-up: Home Visit or Phone/video Call Consultation one month later.


Phone/video Call Consultation

Frequently asked questions about Sleep Training

Sleep training is the process of helping your baby learn how to fall asleep and stay asleep by themselves. During their first few days and weeks, newborns need to feed very frequently and often fall asleep at their mother’s breast or with a bottle. As they get older, the need to feed during the night decreases, which means they can be taught how to fall asleep by themselves, which also helps them stay asleep. There are different sleep training strategies and we can help you find the right one for you and your family.

Healthy sleeping habits are very important for babies, children and adults alike – it is just better to start sooner rather than later as they have a real impact on our daily lives, our mood and ultimately our development. Keep in mind that the older your baby gets, the harder he/she will be to sleep train! Both parents and babies do better when they are well rested, right?

It is recommended to begin sleep training when your baby is around five or six months old, not before due to their developmental milestones. However, all babies (and parents) are different. You may think your baby is ready to learn to settle themselves earlier than six months, or you may think they are not ready until they are a bit older. You know your baby best, get in touch when you think the time is right!

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