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Expert breastfeeding advice and guidance.
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Lactation Consultation

Home visit in London zones 1 to 4, travel cost not included. Consultations on Sundays +£20. Total calculated at checkout.

Lactation Consultants





Breastfeeding is healthy for mums and babies
but is not always easy

Breastmilk is the best nourishment a mother can give her newborn baby. From colostrum during the first few days to mature milk which can support your baby through toddlerhood, your body will produce the optimum food to meet your baby’s needs. Breastmilk is an incredibly complex and nutrient rich substance, which builds and boosts your baby’s immunity too.

​Although breastmilk is the most natural way to nourish your baby, it doesn’t mean it is always easy, especially in the beginning. During labour and birth your body has gone through a huge overhaul, with hormones running rife and monumental physical changes to boot. This is a really important period for mum and baby, so give yourself time and find the right support to help you begin your breastfeeding journey, comfortably.

What happens during the Lactation Consultation?

Your consultant will help you answer common questions and cover topics such as:

  • How to start breastfeeding?
  • Milk supply and Relactation
  • Using a breast pump
  • Breastfeeding positions and winding your baby
  • Latching issue/ Tongue tie
  • Nipples and breasts care and prevention
  • Prevent mastitis risk

They will also address potential problems, such as mastitis, thrush, engorgement, sore nipples, tongue-tie / lip-tie, colic pain or fussing at the breast. Any of these problems can be difficult to manage on your own, especially when you’re tired and looking after a newborn. But they are not insurmountable, and breastfeeding should not be painful. Seeking advice from an experienced Lactation Consultant before or as soon as any problems arise will make them easier to find solutions to.

Our advice

Do not hesitate to book a Follow-up: Home Visit if require further assistance on breastfeeding.


Frequently asked questions about Lactation

After the first few days, most newborns feed at least eight to ten times in 24 hours. This means your baby could be asking for a feed every 90 minutes to three hours. We can help you manage this by helping you understand a newborn’s digestive system, describing hunger cues and the importance of winding, sharing useful techniques. As your baby gets older, their stomach size increases and they become more efficient at feeding, meaning their feeding frequency will change.

This is a very common question, especially for mums whose newborn seems to want to nurse around the clock, which happens very often. We can help you determine if you are producing enough milk and provide tips on increasing production, if necessary. Most of the time you can find solutions to a low milk supply, so try not to worry. You’ll know if you’re producing enough milk by gauging how many wet nappies your baby produces each day.

Your baby needs to get a good mouthful of breast when they start feeding, taking in as much of your areola as possible, not just the nipple. You’ll know when your baby is latched on properly as it will feel right, and you’ll be able to see your baby swallowing. You should be able to feel your breasts draining of milk and filling back up again later.

Helping your baby to latch on to your breast can take practice, but with support, patience and time, it will become easier. Once your baby is latching on well, you’ll feel comfortable, and your baby will be able to feed happily and easily. There are many different techniques and positions you can try to optimise feeding efficiency and your comfort. Keep in mind that there are no correct positions, but only the position that suits you best.

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