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Starting Solid Foods Session

Weaning your baby in a few simple steps.
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Starting Solid Foods Session

Home visit in London zones 1 to 4, travel cost not included. Consultations on Sundays +£20. Total calculated at checkout.

Starting Solid Foods Consultant



What happens during the Starting Solid Foods Session?

Ready to start solid foods but unsure how to proceed? During this session, your consultant will discuss the best practices to feed your little one and share advice on what is appropriate according to your baby’s age and development. You will receive clear guidance, as well as a 4-step programme to manage with confidence this important milestone in your baby’s life.

The package includes a two-hour session as well as a one-hour follow up call three to four weeks later.
Remember that whilst introducing solid foods, your baby will still need their milk intake (breastfeeding or bottle feeding)!

Our advice

You might want to book a Follow-up: Home Visit to discuss recipe options or setting up children menus in more detail.


Frequently asked questions about Starting Solid Foods

Babies are ready to wean around their fifth month if they can sit up, hold their head steady, and have enough coordination to pick up food and put it in their mouth.

Baby’s first introduction to solids is an exciting time but it can also be stressful for parents. At this stage, some parents like having someone at home for advice and practical demonstrations of the entire weaning process. Some help on meal planning, what to introduce and when, allergy advice, recipes, meal preparation, food storage, advice on baby-led weaning and spoon feeding, infant nutrition and weaning from milk to solids is invaluable.

It’s also good to know the difference between gagging and choking, and what to do in either situation. We can give you medical advice about all of these things, too.

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