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Maternity Nurse
Refresher Course

Refresh your Maternity Nursing knowledge and skills


At the Clinic (group training) or Online


2-day session at the Clinic or Online
+ 6-week learning programme
with ongoing support

Do you wish to brush up on your Maternity Nurse training and learn about the latest standards and best practices?
Opt for this Refresher Course.

How does it work

Our Maternity Nurse Refresher Course is a two-day session followed by a six-week learning programme for you to complete independently. The session is composed of a lecture and practical workshops in a group.

What will the training focus on?

  • how to guide and support new mums and parents in their journey with their little one and give them professional advice on topics such as breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleep, routine
  • how babies evolve in the first few months of life and what you can do as a Maternity Nurse to help parents become more confident when looking after them
  • how to identify common issues such as reflux or post-natal depression (PND) and suggest the appropriate course of action
  • how to become a trusted adviser for parents, thanks to in-depth knowledge about topics such as breastfeeding and post-natal depression.

Important information

  • An OCN Maternity Maternity Nurse Accreditation in Levels 3 & 4 is a prerequisite for this Refresher Course
  • As this is a Refresher Course, no further accreditation or certificate will be delivered following the training
  • Please note this is a non-medical training.

How often do you organise the trainings?

We usually host one or two per quarter (we require minimum five people) – check the dates on our calendar and get in touch if you have any questions.

I need more practice – what can I do?

Join the Maternity Nurse Newbie programme to gain practical skills and experience – contact us for more information.

Need more practice before taking the test?
Join the Maternity Nurse Newbie programme

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