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Maternity Nurse
Training Level 3 & 4

Become an accredited Maternity Nurse Level 3 and Level 4 through Open College Network (OCN London)


08-09 January 2022


At the Clinic £640
or Online £560


2-day session (at the Clinic or Online)
+ 6-week learning programme
with ongoing support (from home)

Interested in becoming an accredited Maternity Nurse and trusted advisor for newparents and babies?
Look no further with our accredited Levels 3 & 4 training.

How does it work

Our Maternity Nurse Training Level 3 and 4 consists in:

  • a two-day group session at the Clinic or Online meeting, with a lecture and practical workshops
  • followed by a six-week learning programme for you to complete independently from home and at your own pace, with your teacher ongoing support whenever needed

What certification will I receive?

Upon completion of the training’s assessment, you will receive an OCN Maternity Nurse Accreditation Levels 3 and 4, enabling you to work as a Maternity Nurse with newborns (day-time and night-time) and advise new parents.

What will I learn?

You will upgrade the knowledge gained during your Level 3 Training:

  • how to guide and support new mums and parents in their journey with their little one and give them professional advice on topics such as breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleep, routine
  • how babies evolve in the first few months of life and what you can do as a Maternity Nurse to help parents become more confident when looking after them
  • how to identify common issues such as reflux or post-natal depression (PND) and suggest the appropriate course of action
  • how to become a trusted adviser for parents, thanks to in-depth knowledge about topics such as breastfeeding and post-natal depression.

Please note this is a non-medical training.

How often do you organise the trainings?

We usually host one or two per quarter (we require minimum five people) – check the dates on our calendar and get in touch if you have any questions.

I need more practice – what can I do?

Join the Maternity Nurse Newbie programme to gain practical skills and experience – contact us for more information.

Need more practice before taking the test?
Join the Maternity Nurse Newbie programme

Gain practical skills and experience – contact us for more information

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