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Sleep Training Course

Become a certified Sleep Training Consultant through Open College Network (OCN London)


At the Clinic (group training) or Online


2-day session at the Clinic or Online
+ 6-week learning programme
with ongoing support

Do you want to become a Sleep Training Consultant?
Look no further!

How does it work

Our Sleep Training course is a two-day session followed by a six-week learning programme including a series of webinars and assignments for you to complete independently. The session is composed of a lecture and practical workshops in a group.

What will I learn

  • How sleeping works: cycles, patterns and circadian cycle
  • Identifying age-specific baby needs and understand baby’s development
  • How to elaborate a sleeping plan
  • All sleeping techniques
  • How to manage and communicate with parents in a positive, calm fashion
  • Understanding and identifying common challenges Sleep Training Consultants can be faced with, and how to deal with them

What certification will I receive?

Upon completion of the training’s assessment, you will receive an OCN Sleep Training Consultant accreditation (UK).
You will then be able to work as a certified STC and support parents and families in a more confident manner, giving them the guidance and tools they need to better manage their baby’s sleep routine and patterns.
Please note this is a non-medical training.

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Any question about Sleep Training?
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