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Welcome Baby Package
4 months

Give yourself and your baby the best possible start with expert maternity support when you need it the most


duration: 2h
Each following visits will be booked with your Consultant during your program.


Home visit Consultations - 2h each
Ongoing support - 4 months

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Welcome Baby Package 4 months

Home visit in London zones 1 to 4, travel cost not included. Consultations on Sundays +£20. Total calculated at checkout.

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Expecting or new parents?
Congratulations! You are about to embark on the most incredible journey.

We understand welcoming a new addition to the family comes with tremendous joy as well as many questions, and we are here to advise and guide you every step of the way through those precious early days and months.

Parenthood is an incredible adventure, yet sometimes feels like a never-ending learning curve. Our Welcome Package has been designed with your wellbeing in mind, offering advice and support to babies and new parents in the beginning of their journey as a family. It includes 6 home visits and ongoing support during 4 months, where your consultant will help you navigate the little wonders and many questions that come with parenthood, guiding you through your baby’s development and first milestones.

The package includes:

  1. Home visit – 2h – Antenatal Session
  2. Home visit – 2h – After-birth Consultation
  3. Home visit – 2h – First Bath & Baby Care Session
  4. Home visit – 2h – Baby Routine Consultation – 3 weeks baby check
  5. Home visit – 2h – Baby Routine Consultation – 4/6 weeks baby: how to start a routine
  6. Home visit – 2h – Baby Routine Consultation – 2 month baby: routine implementation
  7. Baby Ongoing Support – via email – for the duration of the training: 2 months.

If you start your program after the birth of your baby, the 1st consultation will be the “After-Birth Consultation”. Then, an additional “Baby Routine Consultation – 3 month baby” will be added at the end of your program.

Give yourself the best possible start with all the advice and tips you need to confidently look after your little one.
So that you can enjoy your new adventure with joy and confidence.

Our advice

Book a Starting Solid Food Session when you baby is ready for weaning or Day-time or Night-time Nursing if you need extra support.

Starting Solid Food Session

Night-time Maternity Nursing

Day-time Maternity Nursing

We are proud to provide one of the best Maternity Nursing services in London.