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Carla C.



• Senior Paediatric Nurse • NICU Experience • IBCL Lactation Consultant

Carla’s Expertise

My name is Carla, I’m 33-year-old and I have a wealth of experience with babies. I am a qualified paediatric nurse with over 12 years’ experience in intensive neonatal care. My experience ranges from caring for premature babies on the neonatal intensive care ward and bringing them to full health, to nannying babies and children from delivery to three years old.

I’ve also worked as a night nurse in Spain for several years, and in 2019 when I moved to London I discovered that the role of a Maternity Nurse was exactly the part of the nursing that I prefer as looking after newborn and new mum is my passion. 

I look at the role of a maternity nurse as not solely about caring for a new-born baby, but also working together to develop your skills for your new found responsibilities.  Whether that’s empowering parents with breastfeeding, sleep routines, helping to understand baby’s needs, or even as simple as helping both mothers and fathers reorganising their lives to reduce as much of the stress from this exciting new experience as possible. 

I’m also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, offering professional feeding guidance and support to families to achieve their feeding goals. 

Carla’s Qualifications

2021 – IBCL Lactation Consultant  

2021 – Maternity Nurse Level  

2022 – Pediatric First Aid (Renewed in 2022)

2009 – Paediatric Nurse Diploma – Spain

2008 – Nurse Diploma – Spain

Languages: Spanish ( native) – English A2 

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