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Mathilde A.


Founder • Senior Paediatric Nurse •
A&E Experience • Lactation Consultant

Mathilde’s Expertise

My name is Mathilde and I am a 36-year-old French woman. I am a fully qualified paediatric nurse, NMC accredited in the UK. I have been working with babies and their families for over 10 years and understand the joys but also the challenges that sometimes come with becoming a parent and welcoming a baby in your life. Building on this experience, I founded Mathilde Maternity London, making the most of my extensive knowledge in intensive care, paediatric emergency and home care.

What truly makes me happy? Knowing I have empowered parents by sharing the knowledge and tools they need to become more confident with their babies and settling in as a family.

Mathilde’s Qualifications

2019 – Maternity Nurse Instructor
2018 – Sleeping consultant OCN Accredited
2018 – Maternity Nurse Consultant Level 4 OCN Accredited
2017 – English Certificate Level C1
2014 – First Aid (Renewed in 2019)
2009 – Advanced Health Emergency Training
2009 – Paediatric Nurse Diploma – IFSI Kleber, Nîmes, France
2008 – Nurse Diploma – IFSI state Kleber, Nîmes, France

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