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Vanessa B.


Paediatric Nurse • Maternity Nurse Consultant

Vanessa’s Expertise

My name is Vanessa and I am a French paediatric nurse. In 2020, I followed my partner and moved to London – which I saw as a new start and a great opportunity to learn a new culture and broaden my knowledge. After completing a diploma in nursing, I worked for a few years before specialising in paediatric nursing

I have always enjoyed looking about babies and children. After years of babysitting as a teenager, I became a professional nurse and held various positions as a pediatric nurse in the maternity, paediatric and neonatal departments. I have gained a solid experience in helping parents with the daily challenges they might face and giving them the advice they need when it comes to their baby’s development. A reliable and detail-focused professional, I especially enjoy working with parents in the first days or weeks of their baby’s arrival.

Years of practice have shown me how having a trusted person looking after your baby can really make a difference. I am proud to give parents the opportunity to recharge their batteries and better embrace their experience with their little one.

Vanessa’s Qualifications

2020 – DBS Checked
2020 – Emergency First-Aid Certificate
2017 – Paediatric Nurse Qualification – Institute of Nursing Education, Lille Catholic University, France
2013 – Nursing Diploma – IFSI Institute for Nursing Training, Berck-sur-Mer, France

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