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Temporary placement

£20/Day for every day your temporary nanny works for you

We consider that a nanny is employed in a temporary contract if they work with you for a period under 5 months. 

For every day your nanny works, we will charge you a £20 daily fee which covers the following services : 

Finding you the right temporary nanny according to your needs

We will make sure to check all of the accreditations and references of your future nanny

We will interview each and every nanny before we suggest you a profile that might match your needs

We will provide you with a contract to have between you and the nanny

We will organize interviews between you and your future nanny

We will guide you through the hiring process and provide you with valuable advice to know how much you should pay your nanny, the things you need to do as an employers, the questions to ask your nanny...

In case you need a nanny urgently, we will do everything we can in order to provide you with a nanny within the availabilities we have. 



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