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Services :

Whether you are a few of hours or a few months into parenthood, I can provide the consultancy and care you need to help family life run smoothly. It is never too late to ask for some help or advice.


Perhaps you’ve been happily breastfeeding for a while and now would like to transition to bottle feeding, or even the other way around.


Maybe you feel like you could do with some support sleep training your baby or need some advice about potty training. As a Paediatric Nurse and Early Childhood Specialist, I am dedicated to ensuring that new parents can provide the strongest foundations for a healthy, stable and bright family future together with their newborn. Any family, whatever configuration that may take, can be assured that they will receive the highest level of care and education from Mathilde Maternity Nurse.



Wherever you are in the world ask for some advice from a knowledgeable professional via a video-call.

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Book your own night maternity nurse on temporary basis or long term contract.

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Mum's Workshop 

A perfect occasion to spend time with your friends while learning useful skills to use with baby!


Sleep training package  

Do you have trouble organising a proper sleeping schedule for your baby?

We are here to help and guide you through this period. 

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Looking for a Maternity

Nurse Consultant in London?

We have been looking after mums, babies and families for over nine years. Our previous work has given us the experience, knowledge and empathy to follow a path into maternity consultancy. The time from pregnancy into the first weeks of a newborn baby’s life is incredibly special and not one that can be re-lived.

Therefore, having the right professional, dedicated and compassionate support from an experienced Paediatric Nurse and Early Childhood Specialist can make all the difference to getting off on the right footing. We are here to help with that.
Here are some examples of areas
we can help with:
 Bathing and changing the baby
• Newborn care  (ombilical cord)
• Weight development
• Bottle feeding techniques
• Breastfeeding
• Winding
• Reflux & Colic
• Weaning advice
• Sleep Training
• Teething
• Potty Training

Mathilde helps us feel confident as parents with our first baby. She is always super responsive & happy to share some tips, she truly cares about your baby's well being. Mathilde is trustworthy & highly qualify with a warm & genuine personality.

-Julie, June 2020


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