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" Always choose the best professional support for you and your little one", 


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Looking for a Maternity

Nurse Consultant in London?

I’ve been looking after mums, babies and families for over nine years. My work in intensive care, paediatric emergency and home care have given me the experience, knowledge and empathy to follow a path into maternity consultancy. The time from pregnancy into the first weeks of a newborn baby’s life is incredibly special and not one that can be re-lived.

Therefore, having the right professional, dedicated and compassionate support from an experienced Paediatric Nurse and Early Childhood Specialist can make all the difference to getting off on the right footing. I’m here to help with that.
Here are some examples of areas
I can help with:
 Bathing and changing the baby
• Newborn care  (ombilical cord)
• Weight development
• Bottle feeding techniques
• Breastfeeding
• Winding
• Reflux & Colic
• Weaning advice
• Sleep Training
• Teething
• Potty Training

About me:

Since moving to London from France with 7 years ago (in 2013),
I’ve been honoured to
work with families in London while they embark on the incredible journey into parenthood
First time parents

Becoming a parent for the first time can be an overwhelming and daunting experience; I can
make that transition easier and more manageable for the whole family.
My beliefs
I believe in empowering mum and dad by providing the knowledge and skills to build confidence in
taking care of their precious newborn baby. From bathing to breastfeeding, bottle feeding
to potty training, my consultancy services cover a wide range of topics and can be tailored
to each individual family’s needs.


Whether you are a few of hours or a few months into parenthood, I can provide the consultancy and care you need to help family life run smoothly. It is never too late to ask for some help or advice.


Perhaps you’ve been happily breastfeeding for a while and now would like to transition to bottle feeding, or even the other way around.


Maybe you feel like you could do with some support sleep training your baby or need some advice about potty training. As a Paediatric Nurse and Early Childhood Specialist, I am dedicated to ensuring that new parents can provide the strongest foundations for a healthy, stable and bright family future together with their newborn. Any family, whatever configuration that may take, can be assured that they will receive the highest level of care and education from Mathilde Maternity Nurse.

'Welcome home' Baby package:

  • How to cope with the needs of a newborn
  • Bathing and changing the baby
My Baby becomes a toddler:
  • Weaning advice
  • Potty Training  

Home visit consultationTopics: 

  • Bottle feeding techniques

  • Breastfeeding

  • Winding

Home visit consultation Topics: 

  • Bed time routine observation 

  • Sleep Plan 

  • Advice  


"Mathilde has been great help for our little baby girl at 8 months, helping us move away from literally every hour night wake-ups to a much more manageable schedule.

As first time parents you will likely find yourself inundated by advice from your family, books, friends, etc. Everyone ‘knows better’ and everyone knows what is best for you and your child. At those moments it is best to adopt a single strategy not to confuse the baby. Mathilde will help you conclude what is best and it will involve YOU and YOUR needs. Her experience will give you confidence that what you will be doing will lead to positive results and will take away plenty of stress from the whole process.

All in all, we would definitely recommend Mathilde. You will find her very knowledgeable, pleasant (no “let your baby cry it out” strategy) and just very willing to help you and your little one."

Jacob and Katya, Angel January 2020


Professional trainings and accreditations:

" Always choose the best professional support for you and your little one"

2019 OCN Accredited Maternity Nurse Consultant Level 4 

2019 Radio host on KL Radio London  

2019 Education and Training Certificat: Maternity Nurse Instructor 

Enhance DBS, registered at the update service since 2015

OFSTED registered since 2015

2019 Paediatric First Aid renewal (2014)

2018 Baby and Me member 

2018 OCN Accredited Sleeping consultant 

2018 OCN Accredited Maternity Nurse Level 3 

2017 English Certificate - ESOL Level C1

UK Resident  from October 2013

2009 Advanced Health Emergency Training

2009 Paediatric Nurse Diploma – Nîmes University, France 

2008 Nurse Diploma - Nîmes University, France