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Accredited Sleep Consultant

in London

There are hundreds of books and websites claiming to offer the best sleep solution for your family - the amount of information out there can be overwhelming.
I can help guide you through this process, finding the best solution for your family, clearly, impartially and expertly.

‘Sleep training’ is a phrase well-known to most people, whether they are parents or not. Now your baby has finally arrived you’ll probably want to know more about this process to be able to make an informed decision about whether it’s the right time to sleep train your baby. 

Sleep is so important to everyone in your household, so it’s a good idea to create and maintain healthy sleeping habits for the whole family as early as possible. Well rested parents manage the daily demands of caring for a baby better, and babies do the most growing during their sleep – two very important benefits of getting enough sleep! 

Sleep training Video-call package 

We provide a package of 4 hours spread in 3 steps for £150


With this package, I will guide you through the whole process of sleep training and make sure to give you the appropriate tools and guidance in order to help you as best as I can. 


-  2 hours Video-consultation  where I assess the problem and get to know you and your baby to really understand how I can help. I will also give you a sleep training plan that you can start to follow the same day. 


- A 1 hour follow-up phone call 3 days after our home visit session to make adjustments if they are needed and guide you through the sleep training journey


- A 1 hour follow-up phone call to assess the progresses made and give you more guidance for the future

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sleep training?

Sleep training is the process of helping your baby learn how to fall asleep and stay asleep by themselves. During their first few days and weeks newborns need to feed very frequently and often fall asleep at their mother’s breast or with a bottle. As they get older the need to feed during the night decreases which means they can be taught how to fall asleep by themselves which also helps them stay asleep.
There are many different sleep training strategies and I can help you find the right one for you and your family, encouraging a good night’s sleep for everyone.

Why sleep train?

Healthy sleep habits are very important for all of us. Poor sleep habits have been found to last until adult years, and it is a lot easier to form healthy sleep habits sooner rather than later. The older your child gets, the harder it will be to sleep train. Both parents and babies do better when they are well rested. 

What age can I start sleep training my baby?

It is recommended to begin sleep training between five-six months old, due to developmental milestones. However, all babies (and parents) are different. You may think your baby is ready to learn to settle themselves earlier than six months or you may think they are not ready until they are a bit older. You know your baby best and you should make any decisions regarding sleep training based on when you think the best time is. I’m more than happy to discuss this with you and offer guidance at any time.

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