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by Mathilde Allemand. 


French Maternity Nurse

Consultant in London

Your baby has arrived, life as you knew it has completely changed and now you’re responsible for taking care of this beautiful little bundle you gave life to. It’s an incredible time for you, but it can also be daunting. With the help of a maternity nurse, this transition into parenthood can be smooth, enjoyable and empowering.

As an experienced Maternity Nurse, fluent in both French and English, I can help you and your family settle into your new routines. By coming to your home for an hour or longer, or even staying overnight with you, I will be on hand to answer all the natural questions you will undoubtedly have about caring for your newborn, as and when these questions arise. I’ll help you gain the practical skills and knowledge it takes to confidently take care of your precious new addition. And of course, if you need to talk to me outside of home visits I’ll readily be available by phone, text or email.


Some typical questions new parents have about caring for their newborn include:

  • Is my baby eating enough?

  • How do I change a nappy?

  • How do I bath my baby safely?

  • How do I swaddle my baby?

  • What should my baby wear at nighttime? 

  • Why is my baby crying?

  • I’m so tired, what can I do?

The list of questions about caring for a baby is extensive. There are no right or wrong questions to ask during this period - it would only be wrong not to ask them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Consultant ?

A Maternity Nurse is someone who can come into your home after your baby arrives, from one hour to several hours, overnight or through the day to offer support and encouragement. By employing a Maternity Nurse, new parents will find more time to enjoy the experience with their new baby, feeling more confident and well equipped to face the daily challenges, including promoting positive reactions from other siblings.

Why should I use a Maternity Nurse Consultant

and not a Nanny?

A Maternity Nurse is a medical professional who has expertise in several areas, including paediatric care, postpartum care, breastfeeding and early childhood development. Knowing that your aftercare provider can pass on this invaluable medical and professional experience to you will help you boldly transition into parenthood. Nannies are excellent helpers, often with a wealth of experience, but they do not usually have the medical knowledge or experience of a maternity nurse.

Why choose Mathilde Maternity Nurse Consultant?

I understand how important it is to find that perfect person to help care for your newborn, especially if you have just moved to the country and need some guidance or reassurance on your new environment. I’m fluent in both French and English. 

I’m a highly qualified Pediatric Nurse with over nine years’ extensive experience in newborn, intensive and home care. You and your baby will receive unwavering care and complete dedication. I offer a less intrusive alternative to having a live-in Maternity Nurse, whilst providing consistent and reliable postnatal care in the comfort of your own home.
I provide families with the perfect blend of knowledge, strong professional experience and a warm personality.


When do I need a maternity nurse consultant?

You can get in touch at any point you feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy.


Some people like to get in touch early on and others leave it until the final few weeks. A no-obligation, informal chat is highly recommended before your baby arrives.


I offer pre-birth visits to help prepare expectant parents for the baby’s arrival, checking the environment (baby items / health and safety) and cover any potential concerns with in-depth assessments and discussions.


Some families get in touch after their baby is born and that’s OK, too. The right time for you is the right time for me.


I do take bookings quite far in advance though, so if you’re thinking about getting in touch, please do so.