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Pregnancy, newborns and Coronavirus

You are pregnant and may have some concerns about your condition while the current pandemic.

This article has been made in order to help you during this particular period in which we all are.

As the Covid-19 is a new virus, the effects on pregnant women and their unborn baby are not yet clear. It is expected that the large majority of pregnant women infected by this virus will experience mild or moderate symptoms suggestive of cold/flu.

As you are pregnant, you may be more vulnerable than other women who are not in the same condition, but you are subject to the same recommendations, the ones of the NHS, namely: stay at home to avoid coronavirus spreading (

If you think you may have coronavirus or been exposed to it, you should call 111 or use the NHS online tool ( for advice and say you are pregnant.

You should also contact the maternity unit which is looking after your pregnancy to communicate them the advices given to you by the NHS 111 service.

If you have been tested positive for coronavirus, you should contact your midwife or antenatal team to inform them about your diagnosis.

If you have been advised to self-isolate, follow the NHS’ recommendations. (

For the blessed mothers who have a newborn at home, follow the same recommendations than above. Keep in mind that in order to keep your baby safe, you need to be safe yourself! In addition, you should stick to the immunisation schedule of the NHS ( even if the current situation is particular and keep sterilising your baby’s bottles as mentioned on the NHS’ website (

If you have any questions regarding the immunisation schedule of your baby or any other medical concern, feel free to contact your current midwife or GP to ask for advices.

Some links which could help you:

Written and edited by Laura N.

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